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Short cycle Stud Welding Machine

The process “short cycle stud welding” is used for welding studs of a diameter of 3 to 12 mm onto thin sheets.

The minimum thickness of the sheet is 1/8 of the stud-diameter.

This process leads to a flat weld penetration. For this reason, short cycle stud welding is mostly used for welding studs onto thin sheets.  Generally, studs with a flange and a flat apex without any addition of aluminium are in use.

Model SSC-800i SSC-1000i SSC-2000i
Power  Input 3phase 380V/50 or 60Hz(other voltages available)
Power Fluctuation Range ± 10%
Power cable (3 phase) 3 x 10mm2 + 1 x 6mm2 3 x 16mm2 + 1 x 6mm2
Weld Studs Materials Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum etc.
Weld stud range (Ceramic Ferrule) 3-12mm 3-14mm 5-22mm
Weld stud range (Short Cycle) 3-8mm 3-12mm 3-12mm
Weld stud range (Gas Protection) 3-10mm 3-12mm 3-12mm
Max Welding Current 800A 1000A 2000A
Welding Current Range 100-800A 100-1000A 300-2000A
Welding Time 5-1000ms 5-3000ms
Pre-ventilation Time 500-2000ms
Max Welding Rate 25pcs/min (M8) 25pcs/min (M12) 8pcs/min (M22)
Control Cable 4 x 1mm2
Max Length of Welding Cable 50m
Max Length of Earth Cable 20m
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Protection Class IP23
Dimensions (L*W*H) 600 x 320 x 400mm 600 x 320 x 400mm 640 x 320 x 700mm
Machine Weight 35kg 38kg 75kg
Standard Supply Scope 1. Stud Welder; 2. SNQ7 Stud Weld Gun; 3. 10m Weld Cable; 4. Earth Clamp;
5. Earth Cable; 6. 5 sets Stud Chucks & Ferrule Holders; 7. Operation Manual