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Cup-head Insulation Pins
Cup-head Insulation Pins Cup-head Insulation Pins Cup-head Insulation Pins Cup-head Insulation Pins Cup-head Insulation Pins

Cup-head Insulation Pins

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Our CHP/CHP-ISO weld fasteners allow the fixing of insulation material on sheet metal such as airducts in a single operation. Our welding machine ensures a high quality of weld on sheet metal up to a thickness of several centimetres. Due to long cables and to light weight, this machine is useful for jobsite. This machine uses the capacitors discharge technique and allows clips to be welded without overheating mark on the opposite side of the metal sheet.
The CHP pin consist of a steel pin firmly mounted on a galvanised steel washer. The CHP-ISO are similar except that the shank is partially insulated. Thanks to this insulated shank and the use of the CHP gun, it is possible to fasten aluminium faced insulation.

Product Description



Cupped Head Insulation Pins simplify the permanent installation of "Duct Liner" or other insulation materials to duct work or to other heating, ventilating or air conditioning sheet metal configurations and housings.


A fabricated part made up of a weld pin and a staked on retaining washer. Variations of material are available.This product is usually applied with a capacitor discharge stud welder. Used for securing insulation. Also used as a hook-less lacing anchor to secure insulation inside fabricated blankets.


Cup Heads are widely accepted as labor saving fasteners in the thermal and acoustical insulation markets for use in industrial and commercial applications. Some variations of material are available. However, the most popular style Cup Head Weld Pin are produced out of mild steel weld nail with a galvanized-coated mild steel retaining Washer.


Cup head weld pin is mainly used for fasten the insulation to the sheet metal of insulation construction. It works with welding equipment, through welding for fasten the insulation.


MATERIAL: common material is Low Carbon Steel, other materials are available.


FINISH: Zinc Plating is standard, Copper plating also is available.


ANNEALING: all steel pins are fully annealed unless otherwise specified.


WASHER: Low carbon steel & zinc plating.


BEVEL: washer edge is beveled to prevent cutting of insulation material.

Technical Data

Cup head weld pin can be customized based on client's requirements.

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