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Refractory Anchors (V anchors)

The focus of our business is very specific: the design, manufacture and installation of heat-resistant Refractory Anchoring Systems for customers whose production processes rely on high-temperature vessels

We manufacture, in our purpose-built facilities, Refractory Anchoring Systems for the Petrochemical, Cement, and Furnace Building industries.

Concrete Linings

For single component, low density, and high density linings. Corrugated, specially formed for superior holding power, suitable for studwelding / handwelding / mechanical bolt-on fastening.

Dual Linings

We have refractory anchoring systems available for many refractory concrete linings, employing multi-component configurations like high-density hot face linings backed by lower density heat conserving materials.

Ceramic Fiber Linings 

One of the fastest growing materials for heat conservation is ceramic fiber in blanket, modules, and board form.

Metallic Fibers

Reinforcing fibers can be used to reinforce the refractory material and enhance the thermal shock resistance.